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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in Glasgow

We offer both in-person and online therapy sessions to help you overcome life's challenges and achieve a happier, more fulfilling life.

Welcome to Unobvious Therapy

At Unobvious Therapy, our aim is to give you the tools, support and guidance you need to gain and maintain better mental well-being and empower you to take control of their thoughts, emotions, and behaviours. We offer a range of therapy and support workshops from Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Person Centred Therapy and Corporate Health and Wellbeing Workshops.

We are based in Glasgow, Scotland and work with our clients to guide them on a journey of self-discovery and transformation by offering in person therapy and online sessions.

Meet the Team

Our Services

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is a proven approach to therapy that can help you identify and change negative thought patterns and behaviours that are holding you back. We use evidence-based techniques to help you develop new coping skills and strategies to manage your emotions, thoughts and behaviours.

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Person Centered Therapy

Person-Centered Therapy is rooted in the thought that finding the key to your personal growth and healing lies within you. Person-Centered Therapy, is a humanistic approach to therapy that recognises your unique perspective and experience as the most valuable resource for healing.

Group Therapy

Group Therapy is a powerful approach that brings together individuals facing similar challenges or issues in a safe and supportive environment. Led by our expert CBT therapists, these sessions provide a unique opportunity to connect with others, learn from their experiences, and gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

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Workshops and Reflective Practice

In the modern, high-paced business landscape, stress and anxiety have emerged as formidable obstacles, affecting individuals and organisations alike. Our wellness workshops and reflective practice provide actionable tactics and expert support to empower your team, elevate their overall well-being, and cultivate a more healthful workplace. We also assist employees in handling stress, bolstering resilience, and nurturing their mental health.

Book Your Appointment

We offer both in-person and online therapy sessions, and our packages can be used for either option. This means that you can choose the therapy format that's most comfortable and convenient for you. Take advantage of my bundle packages to get discounted session rates. Our packages include a range of therapy sessions, and they're valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. This gives you the flexibility to schedule your sessions at a time that's convenient for you.

  • Online appointment

  • Available online or in-person

    From 45 British pounds
  • Available online or in-person

    From 252 British pounds
  • Available online or in-person

    From 320 British pounds
  • Available online or in-person

    From 400 British pounds
  • Available online

    From 350 British pounds
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